Happy Columbus Day Free Presentation Template – Google Slides Theme and PowerPoint Template

Happy Columbus Day Free PowerPoint Template and Google Slides Theme – presentation by PPTMON

Columbus Day is an American public holiday on October 10 that commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus on the American continent in 1492. However, over the past few decades, this anniversary has faced serious controversy over Christopher Columbus’s various horrific acts against Native Americans during his lifetime. Because of this, many places, including California, New York, Minnesota, and Colorado, have turned this holiday into Indigenous People’s Day. We hope this Google Slides Theme and PowerPoint Template is no longer a painful reminder, but a positive symbol of how we have evolved and evolved. So this presentation is now your chance to educate yourself about Native American culture and learn more about America’s origins!


Columbus Day Free Presentation Template – This theme makes it easy to create professional PowerPoint and Google Slides.


Happy Columbus Day Free Google Slides Theme Template

Happy Columbus Day PowerPoint Template Free Download

Happy Columbus Day Presentation Background Design
Happy Columbus Day Free Google Slides PowerPoint Template – This presentation is your chance to learn more about American history!



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